Auction:  Morgan Butler, Skip Nipper

Banquet:  Farrell Owens, Skip Nipper, Tom Parker, Larry Taylor, Gene Smith, Mickey Hiter, Jim Forkum

Banquet Greeters:  All Board Members

Banquet Program:  Mickey Hiter, Billy Griggs, Farrell Owens

Banquet Site and Caterer:  Larry Taylor, Rip Ryman, Ed Birthright

Banquet Speaker:  Jim Forkum, Tom Parker, Rip Ryman, Mickey Hiter, Farrell Owens, Larry Taylor, Skip Nipper, John Mitchell

Banquet Ticket Sales: Rip Ryman

College Coaches:  Dave Jarvis, Mickey Hiter, Tommy Bolton, Tom Parker

Decorating:  Mickey Hiter, Farrell Owens, Rick Haynie, Nancy Cartwright

Emeritus:  Farrell Owens, Gene Smith, Mickey Hiter

Executive:  Nick Hiter, Randy Bostic, Tom Parker, Mickey Hiter, Bart Leathers, Rip Ryman, Billy Griggs, Russ Pyles, Skip Nipper, Farrell Owens

Fan of the Year:  Farrell Owens

Fundraising:  John Morgan, Rip Ryman, Billy Griggs, Tommy Parker

General Membership: Bart Leathers, Tom Parker

Golf Tournament:  Rip Ryman, Billy Griggs, Ed Birthright, Nancy Cartwright, Larry Cole, James Harold Martin, Russ Pyles, Tom Parker

Hall of Fame:  Farrell Owens, Gerald Montgomery, Gene Smith, Billy Griggs, John Morgan

High School Coaches:  Billy Griggs, Lem Pilkinton, Dave Jarvis, Tommy Bolton, Tom Parker, Jerry Bell

History:  Farrell Owens, Skip Nipper

Legal:  Bill Faimon, Mike Mondelli, Rip Ryman

Mr. Baseball:  Mickey Hiter, Larry Cole, Gerald Montgomery, James Harold Martin, Gene Smith

MVPs:  Mickey Hiter, Farrell Owens, Lem Pilkinton, Gary Dedmon, Dave Jarvis, Jerry Bell

President's Award:  Bart Leathers

Publicity:  John Morgan, Farrell Owens

Scholarships:  Rip Ryman

Shelby Park:  Mickey Hiter, Dave Jarvis, Larry Cole, Nancy Cartwright, Farrell Owens

Sick & Shut-ins:  Farrell Owens

Sponsor of the Year:  Billy Griggs, Rip Ryman, Tom Parker

Summer Coaches:  Mickey Hiter, Gary Dedmon, Lem Pilkinton, Farrell Owens, Jerry Bell

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Old Timers Creed:

"To enjoy fellowship with baseball enthusiasts and to honor and support the great game of baseball at all levels." 

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